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All fees are intended as a guide only. The dentist will discuss suitable options for your case and give you a detailed estimate before going ahead with any treatment, so that you can make an informed choice.  It is Practice Policy that NHS patients pay upfront at the examination appointment.

We do ask for a £20 payment upfront for all private treatments, this will be deducted from your final payment.

Payments may be made by cash, debit or credit card on the day of your consultation or treatment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept American Express cards or Cheques.

 Fees & charges

Initial Examination                                                         £69.99

Routine Examination                                                     £59.99

Scale & Polish (with the Dentist)                                 £35.00

Small Radiograph                                                           £20.00

Panoral Radiograph                                                       £40.00

Hygienist                                                                          £64.99

Silver Amalgam Fillings, – from                                    £90.00

White Composite Fillings,-  from                              £120.00

Inlays, – from                                                                £475.00

Crowns, – from                                                             £480.00 

Bridges (per unit), – from                                            £370.00

Dentures, – from                                                          £400.00

Root Canal Treatments, – from                                  £250.00

Extractions, – from                                                       £275.00

Surgical Procedures, – from                                       £350.00

Implants, – from                                                         £2300.00

Tooth Whitening (home kit), – from                         £300.00

Mouth Guard, – from                                                  £245.00

Sports Guard, – from                                                     £90.00

Treatment Surcharge – Non AGP £9.99, AGP £29.00

Practice Plan

Adult and children’s plans: these plans could incorporate a check-up and hygiene visit every six months, plus 15% discount on most treatments.


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