Mar 312014

To all our patients,

       1.We will keep you updated with any changes to the Practice or new techniques with treatments etc. 

Our Intra-Oral cameras had been out of action due to being incompatible with new software on our computers. 

I am please to say though, that we have recently re-introduced them again.  Intra-Oral (‘meaning inside the mouth’).  The cameras are great.  The Dentist can literally show you the inside of your own mouth.  They will explain and show you, for example, which tooth needs to be filled.  Intra-Oral cameras help patients to clearly see what the Dentist is talking about!

Why not ask about Intra-Oral cameras at your next visit?…

       2.We can now do an INR Blood Test for all our patients on Warfarin!!  This saves you having to go to the hospital prior to your appointment here.


Practice Manager

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